A Marrakech review of La Mamounia Hotel

One of the luxury hotels that I happened to be staying in while visiting Morocco was the newly renovated La Mamounia Hotel. I will admit that I personally did my part of the research before I even decided to get booked with them, and I happen to stumble across some not-so-pleasant reviews from people who claim to have had a bad experience with this Riad. After my stay, I found a Marrakech review of La Mamounia Hotel based on my personal experience.

I was quite taken aback by the amount of negative feedback I've read about this fabulous hotel, which I was a little intrigued by when I decided to stay with them just one day to see it for myself. The La Mamounia hotel was not a bad experience for me, as I tended to book a few more days with them and that was what I did! Let me tell you what I liked about my stay with this short review.

The first thing I like about this hotel is its location, which is an ideal base for exploring Marrakech attractions due to its proximity to the Medina and Souks. La Mamounia is considered one of the most historic and famous hotels in the red city. I found that this place had been closed for three long years of renovation under the watchful eye of internationally acclaimed designer Jacques Garcia, and I would say that I am quite impressed.

Another thing that I must mention in this Marrakech review of the La Mamounia Hotel is that I was told that they just had their inauguration on November 26, which was a week before my stay. Just to show you how famous they are; I was told that even Hollywood's biggest celebrities were coming to Marrakech for this event. This palace is actually the epitome of the Moroccan Art de Vivre.

La Mamounia is a fascinating combination of Art Deco and has retained its classic Moorish design with its 200 year old garden, elegant rugs along with its detailed marble and wood filigree work. It is definitely one of the finest luxurious Riads in Marrakech to date. Let's review their rooms, service level and of course we have to browse the food!

All La Mamounia hotels & # 39; Its 228 rooms are huge and are furnished with all the luxury amenities you could think of, which include a designer bathroom, wireless internet, satellite TV and great views of the garden, city and mountains. They also have a luxurious spa, swimming pool and gym. I find that their level of service is excellent with their attentive staff, which makes me wonder why their level of service is low in some reviews I have read.

The food in La Mamounia is good. They have several international cuisines on their menu, but if you really want to get a taste of authentic traditional food in Marrakech, here's to going out to eat. There are many restaurants in the area that serve good food that is reasonably priced. I will admit that food at this Marrakech hotel is quite expensive, but I really wouldn't mind paying so much for the rooms and service.

Let me finish this review by saying "Have a great Marrakech experience and I hope this Marrakech review of La Mamounia hotel would be helpful in your future trip to Morocco."