Edgecomb City – Both historical and modern

Named after the British Lord Mount Edgecomb, the city of Edgecomb actually came into existence in 1744 and was incorporated as a town in 1774. It is located in Lincoln County. Edgecomb maps draw on southern Licoln County. It is located on the peninsula formed by the Sheepscot and Damariscotta Rivers. The famous Fort Edgecomb is worth a visit in the city. Irregular surface permeates the entire area as there are alluvial ravines and hills. The highest peak is known as Mount Hunger. Crystal Dam is a major attraction that covers an area of ​​100 acres.

"Rosicrucian Spring," A mineral spring in this city has also earned a great deal of appreciation from the tourists. Edgecomb town is a major producer of ice cream, and mainly produces hay, barley, oats and potatoes. Bricks are another important business in this city. Many of the sites are there that carry on this profession. Fort Edgecomb is an outstanding piece of architecture that attracts every visitor in this city. A church, built in 1783, is also a famous place for tourists to visit. The city has a library containing more than 300 volumes.

The Congregationalist and Methodist have their own church in the city. Several public schools and facilities serve the city's residents very well. This city has several historical heritage to offer visitors. In addition to the Fort Edgecomb, designed to protect the Maine coast in the early 1800s, many barracks, old officers' quarters and warehouses are there to be examined for the facts. You can have a good picnic at the waterfront.